UK Team

Overcoming barriers to achieving quality in higher education

Don F Westerheijden, Heather Eggins. Presentation to 24th CHER Annual Conference, 2011


Enhancing Quality: Fidelity and Context

Ray Land. Presentation for EQAF in Tallin, 2012


Governing quality in European Higher Education: a comparison of three member states

Julie Rattray, Ray Land, Heather Eggins, George Gordon, Catherine Owen. Presentation for SRHE conference, 2012


A winding stair: implementing and establishing a common framework for QA in European higher Education area

Julie Rattray, Ray Land, Catherine Owen, Heather Eggins, George Gordon. Presentation for SRHE conference, Newport, 2013


Overcoming Barriers to Achieving Quality in Higher Education: a Consideration of the External Drivers Impacting on Access to Higher Education, the Academic Profession and Stakeholders of Higher Education

Heather Eggins, George Gordon, Ray Land, Catherine Owen, Julie Rattray and project team. Presentation for 26th CHER conference. 2013


Overcoming the Barriers to Achieving Quality in Higher Education: a European Perspective

Heather Eggins. Presentation for Euro-Asian Economic Forum Xian, China, 2013